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Virtual Caregiver Support Group


Join the National Scleroderma Association’s Caregiver Support Group

Hosted on Zoom: 4pm Pacific Time, monthly on the fourth Thursday.

This group provides a source of emotional and social support and resources for those caring for a loved one with scleroderma.

Join in sharing self-care strategies and tools to reduce stress and enhance coping. Adults, spouses, family members or friends in the caregiver role are welcome to attend.

To register, email support group leader Debbie Haussler at caregivers@scleroderma.org.




Virtual Scleroderma Support Groups: Breaking Barriers for Connection and Education

National Scleroderma Foundation

Scleroderma support groups serve as valuable resources, offering education, emotional support, and connections for those affected by the disease. Unfortunately, geographical constraints, health challenges, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can limit access to these vital networks.

Fortunately, The National Scleroderma Foundation has established a range of virtual support groups, effectively dismantling these barriers and fostering increased participation

The National Scleroderma Foundation’s virtual support groups not only prioritize safety and accessibility but also facilitate more focused discussions, enabling individuals from specific demographics to connect and share their unique experiences with Scleroderma.