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Research Grant Applications

SABC funds scleroderma-related research pending the selection and approval of research grant applications


Reminder of SABC’s Mission

One of the main goals of the Scleroderma Association of B.C. is to foster and support laboratory and clinical research in scleroderma aimed at improving the quality of life and life expectancy of scleroderma patients and, ultimately, finding a cure for the disease.



SABC receives donations specified for research support throughout the year with substantial fundraising occurring in June, Scleroderma Awareness Month. Depending on the success of the June campaign, SABC is able to, per year, allocate and distribute a minimum of $50,000 for research project funding.

Applicants may apply for funding grants from October 1st to March 31st. Grant applications for scleroderma-related research projects will be reviewed by SABC’s Board of Directors to assess whether the project aligns with SABC’s funding priorities.

The Board of Directors reviews all applications throughout the month of April. Applicants will receive a reply following the Board’s decision whether, or not, they have been selected.

The amount to be disbursed will not be finalized until the end of June Awareness fundraising efforts.



The following organizations are eligible for financial support from SABC:

.  Universities and affiliated researchers

.  Research groups or institutions affiliated with universities

.  Health care institutions and teaching hospitals

.  Research institutes

SABC does not provide funds directly to researchers, but rather to the organization or institution to which the nominated principal applicant is normally associated as an employee.



Each applicant interested in receiving a research grant will need to provide information regarding their ongoing or new research project. Applicants will need to submit to SABC a brief (<500 words), Letter of Intent (LOI) describing the project in general terms. Instead of completing either of SABC’s applications noted below, applicants may attach a previously written grant application that provides the same requested information.

Grants less than $5000: If upon review of the LOI the project appears to be potentially supportable, SABC will then send the applicant a Minor Grant Application to complete, within one month of receipt, containing the below information:

  • Project Summary – what the primary goal of the project is and who will be working on it
  • Project description – rationale and support for the importance and necessity of the work
  • Goal and expected outcomes of the project
  • A budget summary of the expenses incurred from the project (big picture: overall staff time/ salaries, other necessary expenses for the project to proceed)
  • Patient Engagement – how are scleroderma patients being represented in the project? Rationale for inclusion/ exclusion

Larger Grants: If sent from SABC, applicants will be required to complete the more detailed Major Grant Application. This application is sent to applicants with a guideline document that includes examples for reference.

Submissions of Letters of Intent and/or completed applications and any inquiries should be sent to info@sclerodermabc.ca with the subject line: [Your Research Project Title] Grant Application



A letter confirming SABC’s financial contribution will be signed by the SABC’s President and sent to the principal applicant who will receive the funding for their research project.

In agreement to receiving our funding support, applicants will be encouraged to promote SABC’s fundraising events through their project’s communication channels (in their clinics, on their websites, on any printed or online material that promotes the project, and at any presentation given about the project).

The confirmation letter will also mention the requirement for submission of research progress reports:

  • A brief progress update by February 28th to be included in SABC’s Spring The Bulletin magazine
  • A brief progress update by August 30th to be presented at SABC’s Annual AGM & Conference
  • A summary of completed work and results after project end


Subsequent continuation of funding is conditional upon submission of the research progress reports.