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Where do your donations go?

Thanks to your financial support, SABC has raised over $1,000,000. These donations have allowed SABC to support cutting edge research projects, patient outreach, support and education programs, public awareness campaigns in British Columbia and across Canada.

For more information on SABC’s Research Project and our funding to various research projects, click here.

Together, by investing in better support and treatment options for people with scleroderma, we are creating awareness, community and hope.

Serving the entire province of British Columbia, the Scleroderma Association of B.C.:

  • Supports people affected by scleroderma through advocacy, community representatives, and patient education
  • Develops information and awareness tools, including hosting an Annual General Meeting and Conference and distribution of a regular newsletter

Donate with confidence to the Scleroderma Association of B.C.

The Scleroderma Association of B.C. was founded by volunteers and continues to be a volunteer led non-profit charitable organization. In compliance with the Canadian Income Tax Act and Regulations for registered charities, the Scleroderma Association of B.C. will issue a charitable income tax receipt. As verified by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CRA), our charity registration number is 134221894RR0001.

Whether you donate by mail, online, phone, or in person, you can be sure that your funds are safe and that your personal information is kept private. The Scleroderma Association of B.C. takes all the necessary measures to ensure the integrity and privacy of the information you provide. We receive virtually no government funding and therefore we are careful stewards of all donations.