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40 Years of the SABC

This year, the SABC celebrates 40 years of supporting patients, promoting greater awareness of Scleroderma and supporting research toward finding a cure.

In 1984, five women diagnosed with Scleroderma came together with the help of a shared doctor to launch a support program for Scleroderma patients in B.C. With just $17 from their purses, they undertook the formation of an all-volunteer registered charity which became the Scleroderma Association of B.C. (SABC), with a three-fold mission:

  • to promote patient outreach, support, and education.
  • to raise Scleroderma awareness and understanding.
  • to encourage and support Scleroderma research in B.C. and Canada.

Forty years later, we are delighted to celebrate the impact of our original founders on our community and the pro­ceeding volunteers and supporters who continue to work in achieving the above objectives. We are honoured to carry forth the legacy of visionary leadership in service to those impacted by Scleroderma with the shared goal that others will have an easier journey.