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June 1-01 , 2022
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Wednesday April 26 Follow-up to Hand Restriction Webinar

Wednesday May 17 – Topic to come

Wednesday July 5 – Topic to come

April 5, 2023
Event: Hand Restriction, Calcinosis and Raynaud’s

SABC Educational Webinar

Hand Restriction, Calcinosis and Raynaud’s with Dr Justyn Lutfy, MD CM, FRCS(C)

Date : Wednesday April 5, 2023

Time : 7 :00 – 8 :00pm PST


Join us on Wednesday April 5 for an informational webinar on how scleroderma can affect the hands, and possible interventions to help. Our presenter, Dr Justyn Lutfy, is a Canadian board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, a candidate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and holds sub specialties in both plastics and orthopaedic hand and wrist surgery. Dr Lutfy currently practices out of the Kootenay Surgery Clinic in Trail, BC.

Please feel free to submit any questions in advance to the following email: SABCBeth@gmail.com.


CLICK HERE to register for the Zoom webinar.