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Brett D. Thombs, Ph.D. Biography


Tel.: 514-340-8222 ext. 5112

Dr. Brett D. Thombs, Ph.D.
Professor and William Dawson Scholar, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
Senior Investigator, Lady Davis Institute of Medical Research, Jewish General Hospital


Dr. Thombs is Professor and William Dawson Scholar in the Department of Psychiatry, McGill University and a Senior Investigator, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec. His research focuses on identifying and assessing key problems faced by patients dealing with medical illnesses, determining mental health and behavioral interventions that are likely to improve patients’ health and well-being, and assessing how research methods may affect the applicability of research to clinical settings. An important area of his work focuses on developing strategies to improve quality of life and reduce disability among people living with scleroderma. He has received grants for research in scleroderma from the FRSQ, CIHR, and SSHRC and has authored or co-authored more 50 peer-reviewed articles related to scleroderma. Dr. Thombs is the Founder and Director of the Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network, a CIHR-funded collaboration of more than 50 investigators and more than 35 recruiting sites from 8 countries. SPIN is working closely with members of patient organizations around the world, including Scleroderma Quebec, to develop an international network that can be used on an ongoing basis to test accessible, low-cost tools to help people live better with scleroderma and to make these tools available on an ongoing basis. SPIN has enrolled almost 800 patients in a cohort to collect information about problems important to people with scleroderma and is developing a series of online tools to help address some of these problems.