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Brett D. Thombs, Ph.D. Biography

Dr. Brett Thombs, Director of Spin

Tel.: 514-340-8222 ext. 5112



Dr. Thombs and his team focus on developing strategies to improve quality of life and reduce disability among people living with scleroderma. He is the Founder and Director of the Scleroderma Patient-centered Intervention Network (SPIN), a patient-researcher collaboration that maintains an ongoing cohort of > 2,000 patients from over 40 sites in 7 countries and conducts trials of patient-centered tools to support coping with scleroderma. Among his over 250 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Thombs has authored > 80 on patient experiences and outcomes in scleroderma. He has been PI on over $3.5 million in funding for patient-oriented research in scleroderma.


The SPIN team consists of professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds, patient advocates, trainees, and support staff. For more information about these individuals, please click the following link: https://spinsclero.com/en/teams-committees