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SABC’s newsletter, Sclerodata, is available for scleroderma patients, supporters, donors and medical professionals.

To receive a copy of Sclerodata, email or call 1-604-371-1005.


Latest Sclerodata: Sclerodata 2021 Jun


Previous issues:

Sclerodata 2020 11 Sclerodata 2020 06 Sclerodata 2019 10
Sclerodata 2019 08 Sclerodata 2016 10  


The Bulletin

SABC publishes a semi-annual magazine (The Bulletin) intended for scleroderma patients and health professionals.

The Bulletin keeps members up-to-date on developments and events taking place within SABC. It covers a broad range of topics, from how to meet the needs of those impacted by the disease, to new advances in scleroderma research, or the latest medical treatments and care options. It also includes moving testimonies from scleroderma patients as well as many other articles of interest.

To receive a printed copy of The Bulletin, email or call 1-604-371-1005.

Available issues:

2022  Spring   2022  Fall
2021  Spring 2021  Fall
2020  Spring 2020  Fall
2019  Spring 2019  Fall