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Research Across Canada

“Thank you” to the inspiring and dedicated Canadian researchers and health care providers who are contributing to the development of ground-breaking interventions, improved diagnostic techniques and understanding of scleroderma. Though the disease may be rare, the community supporting quality of life improvement for people impacted by scleroderma provides a broad source of hope. Here is a sample of some of the outstanding research efforts taking place in our own country.

To read more about research across Canada, please CLICK HERE.


McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

World-class labs to strengthen our bench-to-bedside approach

The Research Institute of the MUHC (RI-MUHC) is an international research powerhouse with a worldwide reputation in the field of biomedical sciences and health care.

  • At the Glen, we have 105 lab modules in a five-storey building – all within close proximity to hospital facilities giving our researchers direct access to clinicians and patients while encouraging collaboration
  • An interactive “research lab neighborhood,” with open concept lab modules designed to encourage teams from different fields to work together towards new breakthroughs
  • Cutting-edge equipment and advanced medical computer systems to help our researchers collaborate with colleagues from around the world

Learn more about our Research Institute here.